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Weight Loss For Nurses

Karen Schaible

Are you ready to end the overwhelm and confusion with how losing weight can fit into your busy, stressful life as a Nurse? If that's you, then you are in the right place! Each week you will get tools and techniques to end the BS Cycle, so you overcome exhaustion, burnout, overwhelm and stress eating so you can lose weight for good but, more importantly, enjoy your job and life again. Isn't it time to learn how to care for yourself as you care for others! Karen lost 100 lbs over 12 years ago after a 30-year struggle, so she understands what it is like being a stressed-out busy nurse, overweight and feeling like there was something wrong with her. She found a whole new approach to weight loss which changed her entire life for the better, and she will share all of that with you! Let's put an end to the weight gain-weight loss hamster wheel! Your struggle with food and weight isn't the problem, you have a Busy or Stress problem, and I can help you end all of that.
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