[INTERVIEW] Real Talk on Hormones, Health & Self Awareness w/ Alisa Vitti

December 17, 2020 Kacia Fitzgerald Episode 215
[INTERVIEW] Real Talk on Hormones, Health & Self Awareness w/ Alisa Vitti
Show Notes

I believe today’s interview is a MUST listen for every WOMAN who wants to better understand her BODY, HORMONES, overall HEALTH! 

Alisa Vitti is our guest who is a functional nutrition and women's hormone expert, the founder of modern hormone health care company FLO Living, bestselling author of WomanCode & In The Flo, two books that COMPLETELY changed my world as I’ve ventured down this journey all about hormones & she is creator of MyFLO, which is the #1 paid period app on iTunes and the first and only period tracking and cycle syncing (& also what I use hahah WHOOO). 

Honestly, I really think this conversation will be really eye opening in a lot of ways but also help you feel REALLY supported on your journey toward more self awareness! 

I cannot WAIT to hear what you think!

Be sure to let us know by tagging @alisa.vitti and me @kacia.fitzgerald on Instagram if this hit home with you! 


FLOLIVING.COM for ALL the goods!!

Connect with Alisa on INSTAGRAM 



& a couple of resources you’ll love: 

There’s a Right Way To Quit the Pill: Here’s What You Need to Know: 



My Flo App 

FLOW 28— Cycle Syncing Membership 



Lady Gaga “Venus” 

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