[INTERVIEW] Embracing CHANGE & navigating PIVOTS in life & business w/ Cathy Heller

April 09, 2020 Kacia Fitzgerald Episode 143
[INTERVIEW] Embracing CHANGE & navigating PIVOTS in life & business w/ Cathy Heller
Show Notes

Episode 143: Cathy Heller 2

In this episode:

  • Showing up & supporting yourself during crazy times

  • Not letting comparison keep you from sharing your gift

  • Tangible ways to practice mindfulness every day

  • Figuring out your thing & creative ways to pivot

Cathy Heller is the host of the podcast, “Don’t Keep Your Day Job” and also wrote a book of the same title!

She built 7 figure business as a creative and then became a coach who helps thousands of people find their “thing", launch their passion project, and build a life they love waking up to.

Cathy knows what it’s like to feel lost and invisible & she believes everyone has incredible ideas, they’re just missing momentum.

She is passionate about helping people stop over thinking it, gain clarity on what steps to take and find the people they’re meant to serve.

I am SO excited for you to hear from Cathy Heller who is someone I so deeply admire that I brought her on for round two today. She has so many incredible accolades, but why I love her so much is she’s humble & gracious & has so much value to offer along with truly tangible takeaways I think you are going to LOVE!

We are talking about supporting yourself emotionally, making pivots in your career, navigating fear or comparison & even how to monetize your passions & grow your business.

This is such a cool episode & I can’t wait to hear how you vibe with it!!



  • No Excuses by Meghan Trainor



“Your mind is constantly looking for danger… the best thing you can do is give it something else to be stimulated by other than worry... Worrying is actually useless.”

“Meditation is focusing your attention on something… and when you do that, your mind stops spinning because you give it something to tether to & it makes you feel so good.” 

“You were created because you’re needed. If you’re needed, you’re not here for yourself you’re here for other people. It’s a moral obligation to show up & share our gifts & be available to help other people. That’s why we’re here.” 

“Your purpose is not something you find under a rock, it’s something that develops over time.” 


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