[INTERVIEW] Finding PURPOSE & FULFILLMENT while redefining WEALTH for yourself w/Patrice Washington

August 12, 2021 Kacia Fitzgerald Episode 293
[INTERVIEW] Finding PURPOSE & FULFILLMENT while redefining WEALTH for yourself w/Patrice Washington
Show Notes

If you want to find more PURPOSE & FULFILLMENT in your life, or feel like you are struggling with finding what your “THING” is or how to really have TRUE alignment; this episode and conversation with powerhouse Patrice Washington is going to be your JAM! 

If you’re not familiar with Patrice, she’s a best selling AUTHOR with her brand new book  “REDEFINE WEALTH FOR YOURSELF” which is all about stopping the for chase money to instead step into your life’s purpose! 

SUCCESS Magazine named Patrice one of 12 Inspiring Black Voices in Personal Development, she’s been featured in all the major media outlets and press for her expertise, has a top rated podcast with over 7 Million Downloads & the whole premise of what she teaches is a holistic approach to life while redefining the term “wealth” taking it back to its original meaning, “well-being” which I think you will REALLY vibe with!!

She’s also an absolute POWERHOUSE SPEAKER…. Honestly one of THE best speakers I’ve ever heard live and virtually. 

BASICALLY she’s a badass woman impacting thousands of lives and honestly…. if you haven’t heard her before you are going to see right away why she feels like you’re chatting with one of your best friends who’s got SO much wisdwom to share, you might have to  hit the “BACK 30 SECONDS” button a lot today  to really soak this all up! 

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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