Relate and Meditate

To-Do List Meditation: Relate with Rowi Singh

June 13, 2021 Daisy Clementine Season 1 Episode 2
Relate and Meditate
To-Do List Meditation: Relate with Rowi Singh
Show Notes

We asked "what do you wish there was a meditation for?" to the most incredible make-up artist and content creator Rowi Singh who responded - beating procrastination & overwhelm and tackling my to-do list.

For most of us, our to-do lists are filled with huge, unrealistic tasks that (whether we realise it or not) feel scary to do and so easy to procrastinate. This episode is all about building a better relationship with your to-do list and letting it hold the key to your success. This active meditation lets you listen whilst you clean your desk so you'll already feel productive and get that dopamine hit before your day has even begun. 

The 'meditation' is at the last 6 minutes of the episode so if you're in need of a quick fix to tack your imposter syndrome - just skip to the end.

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