Relate and Meditate

Drinking Too Much Meditation: Relate with Cam Walker aka Struthless

June 23, 2021 Daisy Clementine
Relate and Meditate
Drinking Too Much Meditation: Relate with Cam Walker aka Struthless
Show Notes

In this episode, we spoke to Cam Walker aka Struthless - an illustrator, cartoonist, animator and I would say mental health pioneer. His YouTube channel has been a source of comfort for me more times than one and i know how many other people he would have helped with his blunt honesty and dark humour too. 

This episode is all about sobriety, drunk war stories and the ways drinking can sometimes make us feel about ourselves. We recorded this episode a while back whilst I wasn’t drinking and I’m now recording this intro a week after probably my drunkest night of 2021 which has thrown me into an all-too-familiar mental health spin. I’ve had a love hate relationship with alcohol and despite last weeks’ overindulgence, i’ve managed to get a pretty decent handle now on knowing my limits. It only took me about 10 years, numerous blackouts, one devastating break-up and countless sundays of self loathing but hey progress is progress.

Full disclosure and potentially a trigger warning, this episode does delve into the topic of alcohol and drug addiction so maybe give this one a skip if it’s not for you today.

As we didn’t feel comfortable, confident or to be really honest, capable enough to write and record a meditation about addiction - we’ve created one around not taking your drinking too far and trying to stay true to your good intentions for your evening. This meditation will not be for people battling serious addiction issues and we’d advice anyone going through it to seek professional help and not help on a podcast nicknamed the fast food of meditation

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