Relate and Meditate

Feeling Uninspired Meditation: Relate with Amie McNee

July 28, 2021 Season 1 Episode 10
Relate and Meditate
Feeling Uninspired Meditation: Relate with Amie McNee
Show Notes

Today's episode is a conversation with the incredible Amie McNee - author, book doula and creativity coach. We talk all about feeling uninspired - all the tried and tested ways to get out of productivity slumps and the ebbs and flows of creativity. We’re currently in lockdown again in Sydney which is definitely not the most inspiring place to be but we feel like these periods of feeling uninspired can appear out of nowhere regardless of external circumstances. 

Amie is one of our favourite people to follow on social media - her account is one of our go-to sources for inspiration and encouragement when we're feeling a bit stagnant so we hope you enjoy our conversation and get something out of it that sparks your inspiration into action again.

This episode is also a little different this week because Amie had recorded her own meditation to help with feeling uninspired - it just made sense as her role as a creativity coach and we feel like this is one of our most magical meditations yet.

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We hope you enjoy the episode. Loads of love!