Relate and Meditate

Mini-Ep: Phone Addiction Meditation

August 04, 2021 Daisy Clementine
Relate and Meditate
Mini-Ep: Phone Addiction Meditation
Show Notes

We're on a two week mid-season break as we catch up on recording! 

We'd love to hear form everyone listening on what kind of topics you’d like us to cover and what niche meditations you would like us to create for you. The more specific the better! If you could leave your meditation request as a review in Apple Podcasts, we pinky promise that we will create it.

This week's meditation written and read by Tasmania based meditation teacher Laura Tilley is all about phone addiction - which I genuinely feel is the biggest addiction I’ve ever had to kick - much bigger than cigarettes or sugar. Full transparency, my current screen time is between 4 and 6 hours a day which is insane to me - and something I feel really shameful about if I’m honest. 

We know so many people will relate to this and I hope this meditation helps you to refocus your energy and cut down that screen time.

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