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Mini-Ep: Your Ex has a New Partner Meditation

August 11, 2021 Daisy Clementine
Relate and Meditate
Mini-Ep: Your Ex has a New Partner Meditation
Show Notes

Ever seen an Instagram post of your ex with 'the new you'? Lol fucking sucks, huh? We've made a meditation for that. 

In the case of this meditation we recorded it from our own personal need of it being ‘a new girlfriend’ but i’d love to hear if anyone listening would like us to create a meditation from another perspective - new boyfriend, new partner - we want to be inclusive and will create another version if there’s the demand so please let us know.

I can remember the exact moment I found out about my ex’s new girlfriend - from the first initial inkling of it and then the dreaded official instagram post which landed right on Christmas eve. I was honestly hysterical and it felt like i had to go through the whole break-up again a second time - i feel like a lot of people still kind of hold on to that feeling in the back of your mind that you might get back together one day and the announcement of a new partner feels like a door slamming shut in your face. 

It can be so tempting to compare yourself to their new partner but with this meditation  we want people to feel comforted, empowered and on their way to healing. We're the break-up coach you need right now to get through this fkin nightmare of heartache.


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