Relate and Meditate

Party Planning Stress Meditation: Relate with Big Mum Energy

September 08, 2021 Daisy Clementine Season 1 Episode 14
Relate and Meditate
Party Planning Stress Meditation: Relate with Big Mum Energy
Show Notes

This episode is a special one - it’s extremely light and there’s a lot of laughter because honestly at the moment, we feel like we need some lols to break up the heaviness of the news and the amount of hectic stuff happening in the world right now.  This ep is with Relate & Meditate’s number one fan - Daisy's mum and is all about a very first world problem - the stress of throwing a party.

Are people going to show up?
Have I got enough food?
What if people hate the seating arrangements?
Is the playlist perfect?
Theres a lot to be thinking about!


Our host Daisy is also taking part in a free online event tomorrow 9th September hosted by Rachel Crethar who you may recognise as one of our meditation leads - its for R U OK day and will be a safe space to come, have a chat and connect with us and each other in an effort to provide some connection during these weird lockdown times in Australia. Being open about our struggles and how we’re feeling is obviously one of the core values of this podcast - and so if your craving an extra hit of connection, head to the link in our instagram bio to register. It’ll be on at 9.30am tomorrow morning and there will be some other amazing creative coaches there too.


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