Relate and Meditate

Climate Anxiety Meditation: Relate with Tanzy Owen

September 22, 2021 Daisy Clementine Season 1 Episode 16
Relate and Meditate
Climate Anxiety Meditation: Relate with Tanzy Owen
Show Notes

Wondering if recycling is really even worth it?

Feeling powerless as we watch billionaires take off into space and we're trying to keep our carbon footprint down with a fkin keep cup?

Feel those 'um, is the world ending?' vibes on the regs?

This weeks conversation is with Tanzy Owen, a sustainability consultant with years of experience making film and TV sets more sustainable who has just launched her own buisiness - The Good Ways. Tanzy’s mission is to make sustainble business just ‘business’. We spoke all about climate anxiety which, after the earthquake today in Melbourne, I feel like what’s happening with the Earth is at the forefront of our minds right now. This conversation is for everyone - from full on eco warriors to people maybe more like myself who are still very much learning and working towards a more eco conscious lifestyle.


The Goodways - Tanzy's sustainability consultancy business

Good On You - Ethical brand ratings - search before your next purchase decision

Market Forces - Information on where you're keeping your money and how you can make this more ethical

Future Super - Ethical Super Fund

This Wild and Precious Life by Sarah Wilson - will make you quit single use cups 4eva

Simply Cups - Found at every 7/11, you can recycle your coffee cups here (in case Sarah's book didn't make you quit 4eva - we all make mistakes!)

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams - Tanzy's Earth-humbling fave


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