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Heartache To Hope: Coping with Infertility, IVF & Miscarriage

Anita Thompson

The Heartache To Hope Podcast is where we get real about infertility, IVF, pregnancy loss and everything in between. My journey to having a baby has been and continues to be heartbreaking, complicated and relentless. I understand your pain and I believe you have incredible strength, even on the dark days. Through my interviews with ordinary woman who have become extraordinary through their journeys, as well as hearing from people whose life’s work it is to support those going through these challenges, I will help you navigate the emotional rollercoaster. We will share tips, advice, and stories to help support you in your heartache and help you find your hope, whatever that is. This is your safe space, where you can grab a glass of wine, or cup of tea, sit, listen, and not feel alone or overwhelmed and perhaps even feel empowered. Even if just for a moment. We need to change the narrative for those going through this. Here, we give it a voice.You are not alone. Anita xx