Metalcore & Muscle

Tips for Growing Bigger Legs

November 25, 2022 Evan Ewing Season 2 Episode 11
Metalcore & Muscle
Tips for Growing Bigger Legs
Show Notes

Do you skip leg day? In this episode of the podcast, we provide the ultimate guide for growing bigger legs. We begin by providing reasons why leg training is aversive, in addition to reasons why it is important to train your lower body. We then provide a list of tips on how to grow bigger legs. The episode continues with our host sharing a sample leg day playlist featuring some great metalcore tracks. Lastly, the episode concludes with our Spotify Release Radar Recap. We hope you enjoy and don't skip leg day!

Sample Leg Day Playlist:

  1. Carpe Diem by August Burns Red
  2. Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me the Horizon
  3. Glass Houses by Bad Omens
  4. Doomswitch by Make Them Suffer
  5. The Outcast by The Ghost Inside
  6. Hush Yael by Oh Sleeper
  7. Romance is Dead by Parkway Drive
  8. Second & Sebring by Of Mice & Men
  9. Icarus by PhaseOne and Polaris
  10. Glass Hands by Crooked Royals

Release Radar Recap:

  • Guiding Light by Caskets
  • Anabolic Spudsman (Thique Edition) by Bilmuri, Spencer Stewart, Lorna Shore

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