Creating Wellness From Within

Restoring your Prana/Energy Bank Account with Ann Blackburn

September 01, 2022 Amy Zellmer Season 3 Episode 35
Creating Wellness From Within
Restoring your Prana/Energy Bank Account with Ann Blackburn
Show Notes

Creating Wellness From Within is a podcast devoted to empowering you to live your best life by taking accountability for your own personal wellness … brought to you in part by Integrated Health Systems located in Denver, CO. 

Women in particular have a tendency to take care of everyone else around them first, while putting their own self care and wellness on the back burner. This podcast is designed to give you actionable advice and tools to help you power up your own wellness journey, and live the best life possible!

I am your host, Amy Zellmer. I am editor-in-chief of MN YOGA + Life magazine & The Brain Health Magazine, and author of several books. Additionally I am passionate about yoga, photography, wellness, and all things glittery! You can find out more about me at

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Today's guest is:  Ann Blackburn

At 19, Ann found yoga as a way to access her inner strength while working through some difficult experiences. Ann and her husband, Dan, have co-owned Tula Yoga & Wellness since March 2012 and have three children (16, 21, 25 yrs). Their mission is to make yoga & wellness accessible to all and to create a space where people reconnect with and be themselves. Ann is a certified SomaYoga Therapist and integrates Ayurveda, energy work, and breath through private sessions, group classes, workshops, trainings, and retreats. Her purpose is to empower students/clients to grow their awareness of the body’s wisdom, the power of the mind, and find their inner strengths.

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