Up Your Total Glow

How to Think about Respect Differently with Dr.Julie Pham

October 22, 2023 Ruth Season 3 Episode 13
Up Your Total Glow
How to Think about Respect Differently with Dr.Julie Pham
Show Notes

In today’s episode I am speaking with the totally brilliant Dr. Julie Pham. Julie is a Vietnamese-born, American-raised refugee, an organizational development leader, an award-winning cross-sector collaborator and community organizer and she is an expert on respect. She also developed a framework called the 7 Forms of Respect to get people to rethink how we talk about respect. This is a beautiful interview, rich in wisdom. Among many other things, Julie shares with us her own story, she has many tips on leadership development, tells us how to navigate conflict, she speaks about curiosity-based inclusion and how to deal with passive & aggressive behavior. If you are ready to up-level your total glow by diving deeper into the aspects of leadership & respect, then this interview is a must-listen for you.

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Company TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@curiositybased
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Personal instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliephamphd/
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