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Waves of Women

Ivana Bajic

Nature of Surf Women is a multimedia project that centers on the relationship between nature and women, highlighting the ocean's transformative impact on individuals and communities."

Encompassing a Coffee Table Book, Photography Prints, and Live Panel Discussions, we are thrilled to unveil our latest venture - the Waves of Women Podcast. 
The inspiration behind launching this podcast emerged from numerous requests to capture live panel discussions. However, due to the complexity of recording live events,  we've chosen to embark on the podcast journey instead. 

"Waves of Women" embarks on an emotional, adventurous, educational, supportive, and honest journey, featuring conversations with creators, scientists, explorers, artists, healers, therapists, moms, and chefs—all deeply connected with the ocean. 
Our discussions will delve into themes like self-esteem, solidarity, creativity, and sustainable living, aiming not only to improve ourselves but also to harmonize with the world around us.

Every month, we'll introduce a new topic and welcome your suggestions for future episodes. Send us your ideas via DM on our Instagram  
@nature_ of_surf women, and we'll connect with the right people to join us on the podcast.

Hosted by Ivana Bajic, author and producer.

To discover more about the project, visit natureofsurfwomen.com.

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