It's an Inside Job

Leadership, Resilience & Transformation. Interview with Agnes Cserhati.

March 21, 2022 Season 1 Episode 9
It's an Inside Job
Leadership, Resilience & Transformation. Interview with Agnes Cserhati.
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Show Notes

Agnes Cserhati is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, consultant and a qualified coach with 25+ years of experience of working in both private and public sectors; developing, designing and delivering successful programmes, workshops and keynotes with specific focus: on leadership, transformation and mindset.

She has been regularly featured in the media, more notably in The Forbes, BBC and The Guardian. Her personal motto is: “share to inspire”. Her work is innovative and underpinned by the strong desire to “make people think differently”, promoting to think and act outside the comfort zone while fostering effective leadership and maximizing potential.

Ms. Cserhati has a deep understanding of world cultures and an extensive knowledge of management and leadership related topics. She is a highly experienced moderator and facilitator with an energetic, engaging yet empathetic style. She is an award-winning teacher and entrepreneur, who dedicates her career to making people and organizations embrace success and maximise performance.

Ms Cserhati has developed the PowerCoaching method, which has enabled many clients over the years to achieve impactful results fast, whether it is through training or coaching. She holds a First-Class Honours Degree in International Marketing (London) and a PGCE in Business Education (London). She is a qualified performance and corporate coach (London).

She is the founder of AC PowerCoaching, a boutique consultancy.

In this episode, Agnes and I explore the questions and issues around the following:

  • How Agnes defines dedication and resilience based on her own story and experience?
  • Resilience isn't about being perfect, and the good news for entrepreneurs is that it can be learned.  How can someone do this?
  • Why is mental resilience a powerful source of competitive advantage? Agnes explores why it’s not about being tough and emotionless, but about your mental capacity to turn things around and recover fast from difficulties.
  • She shares tips for strengthening resilience include not fearing the negative emotions but facing them as fast as you can while reflecting on what you will do differently next time,
  • Agnes shares her top three recommendations for leaders who are leading transformations in their organisations. 
  • We speak to the issue that many of us are facing the challenge of leading times of extreme uncertainty, which include the great resignation, hybrid work, motivating workforce remotely and managing the process of getting them back in the office.
  • We also talk about her  5+1 model that are the success factors in times of uncertainty and crises to build leadership resilience

Forbes article:  Rest When You Need To Rather Than Quit

Follow any of the links below to get in touch with Agnes:
Twitter:            @agnescserhati
LinedIn:           @agnescserhati

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