It's an Inside Job

The SHE Community - Social. Human. Equity. Astrid Skaugseth - CEO & Advocate for Diversity, Inclusion & Equity.

April 17, 2023 Season 3 Episode 16
It's an Inside Job
The SHE Community - Social. Human. Equity. Astrid Skaugseth - CEO & Advocate for Diversity, Inclusion & Equity.
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Show Notes

Welcome to today's episode where we'll be exploring the powerful impact that gender equality and sustainability can have on creating a better world.

Our guest today is Astrid R. Skaugseth , who has been the CEO of SHE Community since January 2022.  She is a seasoned professional with almost 20 years of experience at EY in a range of positions, including COO for EY Norway, COO for Tax & Law Nordics, and EY Nordics Sustainability Lead.

She is deeply committed to creating a more sustainable world, and she believes that gender equality and diversity, equity & inclusion are critical components of that effort. Through her work with the SHE Community, Astrid is pushing for strategic thinking, partnership, and actionable solutions that can make a real difference in the world. Join us as we dive into the inspiring insights that Astrid has to offer on how we can work towards a more sustainable and equitable future for everyone.

Astrid´s take-home tips:

Understanding and increased awareness around social sustainability and why it is important both from a personal point of view and for corporates/society as a whole.  

In this episode, Astrid and I explore the questions and issues around the following:

  • What is social sustainability and why do you consider this crucial to create long-term sustainable growth? 
  • Many organizations are actively working with D,E& I strategies, supported by increased legislation around the same topic - is your experience that the companies are doing enough?
  • Why is inclusion so important in today's society?  
  • There is a strong focus on women, but how does the man's role come into play here?

Astrid Skaugseth's  contact information: 
LinkedIn:        @AstridSkaugseth
Facebook:      @AstridSkaugseth
Twitter:           @AstridSkaugseth
Instagram:    @AstridSkaugseth
Website:       SHE Community

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