It's an Inside Job

Staff Matters. Bonnie Low-Kramen - Author & Advocate for Better Working Environments & Inclusive Cultures

February 20, 2023 Season 3 Episode 8
It's an Inside Job
Staff Matters. Bonnie Low-Kramen - Author & Advocate for Better Working Environments & Inclusive Cultures
Show Notes

Welcome to this episode of our podcast, where we'll be diving into the post-pandemic workplace and discussing how to overcome the challenges facing both staff and leaders.

Our guest  is the internationally acclaimed speaker and trainer, Bonnie Low-Kramen, who has just released her latest book, Staff Matters. Drawing from her extensive experience as the Personal Assistant to Oscar-winning actress Olympia Dukakis for 25 years, Bonnie offers a unique perspective on workplace dynamics and solutions. With over a decade of experience in teaching and speaking across 13 countries and 38 states, Bonnie is a sought-after expert in the field. Join us as we uncover what's really going on in the modern workplace and how we can all adapt to succeed.

She is now a CEO herself, employs an assistant, and is globally recognized as one of the most respected leaders in the profession and an expert on workplace issues, especially those regarding assistants. Bonnie is sought after to speak about building ultimate partnerships between executives and assistants.

In 2022, Bonnie made her TEDx debut with “The Real Reasons People Quit.” Her writing has appeared in Harvard Business Review and her work was featured as the Forbes cover story in May 2019. Corporate clients include the Wharton School of Business, Starbucks, Amazon, Rutgers University Business School, University of Chicago Business School, Campbell Soup, and British Parliament. Bonnie holds a BA from Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Bonnie´s take-home tips:

They will be validated to know that they deserve to be respected, valued, paid fairly, and offered professional development opportunities in the workplace.

In this episode, Bonnie and I explore the questions and issues around the following:

  • Why did you write Staff Matters and what impact do you hope it has? 
  • You say that Respecting people is more important than money. Can you please elaborate?
  • You have said that there is a lot going unsaid in the workplace. What are some of those things?
  • How will Staff Matters support leaders and HR to work with assistants better
  • How big a problem are toxic work environments and workplace bullying?

Bonnie Low-Kramen's  contact information: 
LinkedIn:        @BonnieLowKramen
Facebook:      @BonnieLowKramen
Twitter:           @BonnieLowKramen
Instagram:    @BonnieLowKramen

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