It's an Inside Job

The ShePreneur Project: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs with Tanya Dodaro.

July 24, 2023 Jason Birkevold Liem Season 4 Episode 4
It's an Inside Job
The ShePreneur Project: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs with Tanya Dodaro.
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Show Notes

In this episode, I have the pleasure of welcoming Tanya Dodaro, a multi-business owner, public relations expert, and serial entrepreneur. Tanya's forward-thinking approach to entrepreneurship has led her to launch a platform that connects startups with micro and angel investors in the fem space. As the co-founder and CEO of a boutique public relations communications firm for the last 18 years, Tanya has helped countless emerging businesses and international executives grow their brands and boost their revenues. Her expertise spans the globe, working across five continents, with a specialty in the lifestyle category, where she's collaborated with brands such as Baskin Robbins, Starbucks, and FitFlop.

Tanya is also a trained journalist, having produced and hosted several television shows, including Health and Beauty TV and The Ultimate Makeover, which aired nationally in Canada. Her expertise in journalism has given her the opportunity to interview some of the world's most notable people, including Jean Chrétien and Donald Trump. She's also a distinguished real estate investor, author, and mother of two daughters.

Tanya's passion for giving back is evident through her work as a mentor for the next generation of entrepreneurs through Futurpreneur Canada and her involvement in several charitable efforts, including Meagan's Walk, The Daily Bread Food Bank, and Breakfast Club of Canada. She recently launched The ShePreneur Project, a social enterprise focused on empowering and inspiring entrepreneurship through education, mentorship, and funding.

Join me as we delve deeper into Tanya's journey, gain insights into her strategies for building successful brands, and learn how her experiences have shaped her into the entrepreneur she is today.

Tanya Dorado's Contact Information:
LinkedIn:        @TanyaDodaro
Instaram:        @TanyaDodaro
Website:       The ShePreneur Project

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