Things You Learn in Therapy

S1E4: Small things that make a big difference at home

February 03, 2022 Beth Trammell PhD, HSPP
Things You Learn in Therapy
S1E4: Small things that make a big difference at home
Things You Learn in Therapy +
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Show Notes

I have found my professional twin! A fellow psychologist who loves kids, loves parents, loves helping, and loves sharing small ways that can make a big difference with parents and kids. This conversation with Krysten Taprell, aka The Therapist Parent, was so exciting because it brings real-life therapy skills into the living room. Listen in as she shares her advice for sleep, dreams, and mindfulness with kids - that frankly....also applies perfectly to adults! Thank you for listening to this episode of #thingsyoulearnintherapy.

As with one of the other episodes on grief, I am cross-listing this episode on my other podcast Kids These Days need us to make words matter for good because I know the content is powerful for both audiences.

Here is a bit about Kristen. Be sure to check out her social media pages - they are FILLED with great images for parents!!

I am a Psychologist with over 20 years experience working with children and families. I have worked in many settings including schools, Private Practice and Government agencies. I have extensive experience working with people on the Autistic Spectrum as well as conducting diagnostic assessments. In this time I found that I was seeing the same issues coming through my door, requiring the same strategies. While some difficulties will need regular sessions with a qualified Psychologist, sometimes parents just need a few tips and creative ideas to bring change to their children's lives. I hope to offer you proven strategies and playful activities that children respond to.

The Therapist and Facebook @Psychologistkrysten or The Therapist Parent

This podcast is meant to be a resource for the general public, as well as fellow therapists/psychologists. It is NOT meant to replace the meaningful work of individual or family therapy. Please seek professional help in your area if you are struggling. #breakthestigma #makewordsmatter #thingsyoulearnintherapy #thingsyoulearnintherapypodcast

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