Things You Learn in Therapy

S1E5: Tackling the hard conversations - Divorce

February 03, 2022 Beth Trammell PhD, HSPP Season 1 Episode 5
Things You Learn in Therapy
S1E5: Tackling the hard conversations - Divorce
Show Notes

If you want an expert on parenting through divorce or separation, Dr. Tara Egan is your person. She came on my other podcast about a year ago to talk about technology use and that episode was so good (and so popular!), I knew I had to invite her back.  This time, we tackle the difficult topic of divorce - and how to talk to kids about divorce.  Even if you aren't in a situation that divorce is part of your story, this episode is invaluable for anyone who wants to be an ally to a child, friend, or coworker going through divorce. Get comfortable and get ready to tackle hard things today as we explore #thingsyoulearnintherapy.

Dr. Tara Egan is a child and adolescent therapist, co-parent coach, speaker, and author. She holds a doctorate in school psychology and has specialized training in counseling and family-school relations. She established Charlotte Parent Coaching, LLC in 2011. She is also the author of three books and co-hosts a parenting podcast called "One Day You'll Thank Me" with her teenage daughter, Anna. 

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This podcast is meant to be a resource for the general public, as well as fellow therapists/psychologists. It is NOT meant to replace the meaningful work of individual or family therapy. Please seek professional help in your area if you are struggling. #breakthestigma #makewordsmatter #thingsyoulearnintherapy #thingsyoulearnintherapypodcast

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