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Unfiltered: Afghan, not Dewana

Medina Michelle

“Unfiltered: Afghan, not Dewana," is a podcast that focuses on raising mental health awareness in Afghan communities and societies. Often, when we tell other Afghans or even our parents that we are "depressed" or "sad”, the word “dewana” gets thrown back at us. Dewana translates to “crazy” in Dari and each episode will help you better understand that feeling sad and depressed does not mean we are crazy. The main goal with this podcast is to break the stigmas that lie around talking about mental health and help build better communication skills between Afghans. Let's break the unnecessary cultural barriers together! If you have any topic ideas or questions for the Q&A sessions, please email them to medinamua18@gmail.com. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @UNFILTEREDAFGHANPODCAST