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Have you experienced a loss of a loved one by suicide, illness, unexpected death or even having someone with Dementia or have experienced a divorce? I want people to know and feel that while they are going through one of the saddest times of their lives they are not alone. The podcast community I’m creating will give everyone a safe place to visit, hang out and spend time in your peaceful surroundings. Episodes will relay heartfelt stories, self-care awareness, and encouragement to build a life filled with peace, purpose and hope after the loss of your loved one. Together, with a circle of friends and invited guests who are compassionate, and understanding will share their knowledge and resources to inspire you to feel at peace and encourage you to follow and trust your journey. Believe that the love, your cherished stories and gifts that your loved ones have left behind will always be in your heart forever. If you like what you hear, please subscribe and leave a review and share my podcast with others. You can also join me on Instagram @workingthroughlife_ll or to know more about various topics as we work through our lives.