Talking About Tumors with Ryann and Ryan - A medical oncology podcast

03_07 (Neo)Adjuvant NSCLC

July 26, 2023 Talking About Tumors Season 3 Episode 7
Talking About Tumors with Ryann and Ryan - A medical oncology podcast
03_07 (Neo)Adjuvant NSCLC
Show Notes

  1. Considerations with surgery, radiation, rate of relapse
  2. Adjuvant chemotherapy
  3. Adjuvant immune checkpoint inhibition
  4. Emerging neoadjuvant trial



As always, citations, and sources include education from our respective training programs, the Devita textbook, and  We highly encourage review of guidelines published by ASCO, ESMO and other organizations local to your practice.

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Great summary of differences in 7th and 8th staging editions (misspoke in episode as radiopedia):

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Talking about Tumors with Ryan and Ryann is not medical advice.  We have received no funding in relation to the information discussed within this episode and have no financial conflicts of interest to disclose.  All opinions are those of whoever stated them.  We have compiled this podcast to serve as an introduction to the field of medical oncology for post-graduate trainees interested in the topic. 


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