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Conversations on African Philanthropy Podcast

Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment

The Conversations on African Philanthropy podcast features leaders and game-changers whose work has enabled social investment and philanthropy in Africa. Hosted by the Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment (CAPSI), the podcast supports the mission of promoting social change by fostering a culture of effective giving and corporate social and civic responsibility.

Founded in 2017 and situated within Wits Business School, CAPSI aspires to nurture a new generation of African experts, researchers and leaders in African Philanthropy, Social Investment and related disciplines. The Centre serves as a source of knowledge and learning, a platform for partnerships, and a hub for community engagement for participating organisations and institutions across and for the benefit of Africa. CAPSI’s portfolio of offerings include postgraduate academic programmes, short courses, masterclasses, post-doctoral fellowships, publications and partner-collaborated research and development projects in the fields of social investment and philanthropy.


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