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The Shamums

Danielle and Louise

Two  mum's conversing and bearing their Souls on how to thrive spiritually both as women and for their families. 

As they explore spirituality and its modern interpretation through Essene Shamanism, they discuss the myriad of concepts in our world and how to consciously relate. Danielle Delaney is a practicing Naturopath, lifetime spiritual seeer and mother to 3 young children. Living a rural life at her farm in mid coast NSW Australia, she brings her rounded lifestyle and experience to each topic.

Louise Lynn is the owner of Rapture Pilates and Rapture Wellness in Sydney Australia. She practices as an Essene Shaman through energetic and Spiritual work incorporating her many modlaities. Also a mother to 3 young children, she weaves her learnings and awareness through each show. Follow along on Instagram:@theshamums @secondnaturehealth @Shamanlouise @Rapture_Pilates