Rebranding Mental Health  Podcast Artwork Image

Rebranding Mental Health

Iman L. Khan, LMHC, LPC / Co-Host - Kurt Lois

Mental and Physical Health has historically been treated differently in our schools, communities, and organizations. We have physical education curriculums, organized sports clubs and fitness gyms, sick days, and wellness incentives. Yet, we've failed to incorporate consistent, accessible mental health education and supports that focus on preventative, sustainable practices. In fact, mental health initiatives have customarily been a reaction to acrisis or a short-lived intervention to avoid one. The Pandemic has highlighted the cracks in our systems, exposed the weaknesses, and widened the disparities. We MUST rebrand mental health and the traditional SEL learning to address the needs of our struggling youth and ouroverwhelmed adults. We must implement programs that cultivate environments in our schools, communities, and organizations that embody physical safety and psychological security/wellness. Mental and physical health are interconnected. Blooming Minds' mission is tor redefine how we approach mental health education and treatment. This podcast introduces the ideas behind this mission.