2023 Summer HR Highlights

September 07, 2023 Mark Edgar and Naomi TItleman Episode 34
2023 Summer HR Highlights
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Show Notes

Welcome back to Season 2 of foHRsight where co-hosts Mark Edgar and Naomi TItleman share some of their highlights from both their summer break and the HR press.

In addition to tales of Mark’s cross-country tour and Naomi’s attendance at the final tour of Grateful Dead offshoot Dead & Company, they share some of the news that has jumped out to them over the summer including:

Insights from upcoming season 2 podcast guest Rob Sadow who is the co-founder of Scoop – a technology company who have created the ‘Flex Index’ and who have research that suggests an optimal of 2.5 days per week in the office. You can read more here:

Research from a recent ADP study that showed the number of HR people in companies is rising.

Some interesting findings from McKinsey that reinforce the importance of the middle manager.

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