Lessons in Leadership with Guest Chuck Saia

September 14, 2023 Mark Edgar and Naomi TItleman / Chuck Saia Episode 35
Lessons in Leadership with Guest Chuck Saia
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Show Notes

Welcome to foHRsight – a podcast about making work better brought to you by future foHRward.

In this episode co-host Naomi Titleman had the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane with one of her early mentors from Deloitte – senior partner and author Chuck Saia.

You can learn more about Chuck and his work here:

Chuck is the author of two books – ‘You Got This, Kid!’ one for young leaders and one for children. Based on his self-exploration, the book shares a series of lessons from his career and relates them to the animal kingdom.

Chuck shares a number of valuable insights using stories about eagles, butterflies, ducks and armadillos – to name just a few! 

You can see Chuck’s books here –

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