Lead Above Noise with Guest Rachel Cooke

September 21, 2023 Mark Edgar and Naomi TItleman / Rachel Cooke Episode 36
Lead Above Noise with Guest Rachel Cooke
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Show Notes

Welcome to foHRsight – a podcast about making work better brought to you by future foHRward.

In our third episode of season two, Naomi Titleman connects with Rachel Cooke, a former colleague from her time at American Express. Rachel now runs her own consulting practice ‘Lead Above Noise’ and is host of podcast ‘The Modern Mentor’. 

Rachel is passionate about the employee experience. She shares her insights about how organizations should be thinking about creating an employee experience that allows colleagues to deliver, develop, connect and thrive.

In the conversation they discuss the critical role leaders play in enabling that employee experience by asking their team members the right questions and helping them to reach their potential. This is by leaders being humble and open to feedback and ideas.

They also talk about HR’s role as the shepherd of the employee experience by creating the right conditions and a clear north star.

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