Boldly Inclusive Leadership with Guest Minette Norman

October 05, 2023 Mark Edgar and Naomi TItleman / Minette Norman Episode 38
Boldly Inclusive Leadership with Guest Minette Norman
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Show Notes

Welcome to foHRsight – a podcast about making work better brought to you by future foHRward.

In this week’s episode, Naomi Titleman is joined by special guest Minette Norman who is an author, consultant and former Silicon Valley executive.


Minette recently launched her second book, The Boldly Inclusive Leader. In the podcast she reflects on her career as a leader in technology firms and how badly prepared new leaders are to lead particularly when it comes to leading diverse and multi-cultural teams.


They talk about the importance of human-centric leadership and how multi-faceted it is. Leaders are human too and it’s important to acknowledge that leaders will make mistakes and need to learn from these mistakes. Human leadership is also about recognizing that nothing gets done without the people in our organizations so it’s critical to ensure the organization creates an environment where people can thrive.


The most important first step on a journey of human-centred leadership is self-awareness so we can understand ourselves and understand our emotions. Minette then talks through the behaviours inclusive leaders should demonstrate to be an inclusive leader. 


You can learn more about Minette and her book at her website here –
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