Rob Sadow, Co-founder of Flex Index: Flexible Work

November 09, 2023 Mark Edgar and Naomi TItleman / Rob Sadow Episode 43
Rob Sadow, Co-founder of Flex Index: Flexible Work
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Show Notes

Welcome to foHRsight – a podcast about making work better brought to you by future foHRward.

This week Naomi Titleman is joined by Rob Sadow who is a LinkedIn top voice on flexible work, founder and CEO of Scoop, inventor of the Flex Index and host of his very own podcast.

Naomi has a chance to speak to Rob about one of her favourite topics – hybrid work. Rob shares information on how Scoop pivoted from supporting people with their commute to helping organizations use their time in the office more effectively and shares data from Flex Index that tracks organizations' policies and practices related to work flexibility. 

They share more about the “magic number” and provide some practical strategies to support your flexible working plans.

You can learn more about Rob’s work by following these links:

The Flex Index can be found here:

And his newsletter here:
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