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Full Kit Wankers: A Soccer Podcast

Steven and Andrea

Steven Baquerizo and Andrea Pilar proudly introduce themselves as Full Kit Wankers, recapping last weekend's EPL fixtures, discussing the state of US Soccer, and highlighting some excellent lady play all while dropping some chisme, and hot takes.

Recent Episodes

03/12/20 - "Klopp won't give a high five, but Danny Drinkwater is comfortable headbutting teammates" March 12, 2020 Episode artwork 03/05/20 - "Spurs lost, but at least I have Lauren and Cameron" March 05, 2020 Episode artwork 02/27/20 - "Ramos gave up not getting a red card for Lent" February 26, 2020 Episode artwork 02/20/20 - FKW x DUSC tournament "What song was FC Cincinnati's manager even trying to sing?"February 19, 2020 Episode artwork 02/13/20 - FKW X Sky Blue FC Special x Cloud 9's Jen MullerFebruary 12, 2020 Episode artwork 02/06/20 - FKW x Cloud 9's Jen Muller "Carli Lloyd is soccer's A-Rod" February 06, 2020 Episode artwork 01/30/20 - FKW x Alex McWatt returns "I hope Cincinnati's pre-season game against Cincinnati was shirts vs skins"January 29, 2020 Episode artwork 01/23/20 - Manchester United Emergency Pod x Harsh Mall "January 22, 2020 Episode artwork 01/15/20 "Carlos Vela said he'd welcome Chicharito to LA? I don't remember him having the keys?"January 15, 2020 Episode artwork 01/09/20 - FKW January Transfer Window "Even Harry and Meghan want out of England" January 08, 2020 Episode artwork 12/19/19 - Long Distance Pod "Ronaldo's hang time longer than Michael Jordan at the end of Space Jam"December 19, 2019 Episode artwork 12/12/19 - "Like Carlos Vela, I’m also available to play for Barcelona in case they’re curious”December 12, 2019 Episode artwork 12/04/19 - "Jaelene girl, you can play Jesus' best XI or something" December 04, 2019 Episode artwork 11/28/19 - Thanksgiving Special x Goonerette Crystal Rausch "Oh, the Gunners and Lillywhites can be friends"November 28, 2019 Episode artwork 11/21/19 - Spurs Emergency Pod x FKW "This is my personal Empire Strikes Back, Poch froze in carbonite, and the Emperor won"November 21, 2019 Episode artwork 11/14/19 - Kris Heneage x FKW "Watching spurs play is like watching men headed for the chair, how do you manage to make Son look miserable? Cheers, Son is crying”November 14, 2019 Episode artwork 11/07/19 - Everton x Alexandra Keaney "I think Gomes will inspire Everton to pull it together, it's gonna be very Remember The Titans"November 06, 2019 Episode artwork 10/31/19 A Wankers Halloween "The people who thought the LAFC tifo was original also probably thought El Trafico was the most important game in MLS history"October 31, 2019 Episode artwork 10/24/19 - Jon Hudson x FKW "You know it's bad when Man City is stealing ideas from Kim Jong Un to fill the Emptihad"October 24, 2019 Episode artwork 10/17/19 - International Break woes x FKW "just once we'd love to have an episode where we don't have to talk about nazis in football"October 17, 2019 Episode artwork 10/10/19 - Footballer Wife Wars x FKW "This was WAG on WAG crime"October 09, 2019 Episode artwork 10/03/19 - Champions League x "Gnabry's not wrong, North London is Red" October 02, 2019 Episode artwork 09/26/19 - Global Goals World Cup x Chelsea FC "I told the Chelsea reps to start Pulisic and yo, I think it worked"September 26, 2019 Episode artwork 09/19/19 - MLS Female x Michelle Huitink "Zlatan eats criticism for breakfast" September 19, 2019 Episode artwork 09/12/19 - "Pro/rel for USA people are the flat earthers of soccer twitter. We're on your side guys but you're one step from wearing tin foil hats"September 11, 2019 Episode artwork