Sex & Wellness with Dr. Mary

Episode 26 - Can acupuncture affect your period and fertility?

February 19, 2024
Sex & Wellness with Dr. Mary
Episode 26 - Can acupuncture affect your period and fertility?
Show Notes

In this episode, we have Sadie Minkoff. She is a board certified acupuncturist in Holistic Reproductive Medicine. She is also the owner of Sage Acupuncture here in Austin, Texas. 

Today we will be talking about acupuncture and how it can affect and help you with your period, fertility, and other pelvic health conditions like endometriosis. 

Let’s also dive into what acupuncture is, why it’s important to be gentle and kind with yourself when going through infertility, being a team with your partner or spouse when going through this tough time, and so much more! 

We want to be there for you and answer your questions so make sure that you listen to this episode to know more about acupuncture!   

Let’s talk about:  

  • 0:40 – Introduction to today’s guest 
  • 0:56 – Introduction to today’s topic 
  • 1:18 – What is acupuncture 
  • 2:52 – The importance of looking at everything as a whole in terms of our health and how everything in our body is connected 
  • 5:49 – Discussion on endometriosis and menstruation 
  • 8:46 – Dr. Sadie on working on endometriosis and how she works with her Western colleagues regarding this issue
  • 15:25 – Other common causes of infertility according to Sadie and what is insulin resistance
  • 19:10 – What is unexplained infertility and how do acupuncture and traditional medicine play a role in this 
  • 20:05 – Why is it important to be gentle and kind to yourself when going through infertility 
  • 21:21 – The number one reason that couples drop out of IVF cycles 
  • 22:44 – How important is individualism in treating our patients and what we tell our patients/do with our patients who are going through IVF cycles 
  • 25:33 – Dr. Sadie on sperm and infertility and their correlation 
  • 28:16 – The importance of couples being a team when fighting through infertility issues 
  • 29:56 – Impactful disease processes as growth opportunities 
  • 31:15– The one thing that Dr. Sadie loves about the tool of acupuncture
  • 33:46 - The importance of meeting people where they are at 
  • 36:49 – Conclusion

If you want to know more about Sadie and work with her, check out her website.  

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