The Dr Milli Podcast: Boost & Biohack your health

Episode 001: Dr Milli - introduction and trailer

March 27, 2023 Milli Raizada Season 1 Episode 1
The Dr Milli Podcast: Boost & Biohack your health
Episode 001: Dr Milli - introduction and trailer
Show Notes


In this episode I introduce myself and goals and aims of the podcast show; Boost & Biohack your health. 


I am a UK based medical doctor working as a GP and lifestyle medicine physician. senior Clinical Lecturer in Primary care academia. I’ve over 15 years experience practicing medicine here in the UK and in this time I have realised the importance of self care and self management in our lifestyles to boost and biohack our health.  Biohacking describes how we can change our mind, body and health through tools such as heat and cold therapy, fasting and meditation this pod show aims to bring you practical and DIY tools to boost your health and the name of the podcast show was born. 

I’m going to take my experience and use it to educate and empower people to make better lifestyle choices, looking at the evidence base on how we can prevent, treat and reverse lifestyle-related chronic conditions utilising the pillars of lifestyle medicine; nutrition, exercise, sleep, avoidance of toxic substances, emotional wellbeing and positive psychology. 


I will be having powerful and thought provoking conversations with leading experts in the health circle and other health care professionals on hot topics surrounding health and wellness. I have a special interest in hormonal health and how to eat, fast and train with our menstrual cycle.. Some speakers include Dr Deepak Ravindran, leading author and Pain Consultant on topics related to chronic pain and Dr Emma Short, a consultant doctor with a doctorate in cancer genetics who works in the NHS doctor specialising in gastrointestinal and soft tissue pathology.


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