Shiny New Clients!

The REAL Reason You're Not Taking Action

September 08, 2023 Jenna Season 1 Episode 16
Shiny New Clients!
The REAL Reason You're Not Taking Action
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It's all in your head, friend. (No, seriously - everything holding you back from what you what is happening in your head). I may not be a mindset expert but in this episode, I'll share my take on mindset, attitude, and how approaching your business with an awareness of how you're thinking about it can be a total superpower and drive you toward success.

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Music by Jordan Wood

Hosted by Jenna Warriner, Creator of Magic Marketing Machine

 Your brain is a jerk. 

Our brains are so funny and they give me such jerks to us. Okay. Let me tell you a story. I don't know if you notice, but I am a kayaker. I love to kayak. I've done it for years. I've taken a million classes and at the late spring of this year, 

I went to take a teacher training in lake Ontario. And rolling. Your kayak is when you like are sitting in your kayak and you go fully upside down into the water submersion upside down, and then back up the other side. And I should feasibly be able to do this. I've done it before I've taken loads of classes on it. I should be able to do it, but at this teacher training, 

I couldn't. I kept bombing. I kept face planning back into the water face, full of water, water up my nose. I failed. I failed again. I failed a P people watching me. I failed with the coaches trying to give me guidance. I just could not get my kayak back around. I kept having to go upside down and then like swim out of the boat and then bail the boat because I just kept bombing. Okay. 

So then I came home and summer started and summer continued. In summer continued and I never tried again. I was, I was so disheartened and so embarrassed and I just thought, you know, there's a consequence to me failing. If I fail, it's going to be embarrassing. I'm going to think I suck. I'm going to, you know, convince myself that I'm, I don't just suck in my head. I second real life. Plus, I'm going to be soaking wet. 

I'm going to have to bail my boat. It might be uncomfortable when I got water up my nose. So I'm not even going to try. That is so not like me. But it took me two and a half months of beautiful summer days.  I had full access to go out in my kayak, , into the lake again and try again, and I just wouldn't do it. 

And then I finally built up enough courage. I finally said enough is enough. 

I went out there and I sat, just sat on the water for like many, many minutes, hyping myself up in silence, just floating there, bobbing. And then I put my nose flag on and I rolled perfectly the first try. 

And honestly, that's almost even more annoying. Because I had it in me the whole time, but I was too scared to try because of this failure that I had experienced. Okay. So I've got a point here.  What are you holding yourself back on? Because you're worried about failing. Even if you have evidence that you can show me on why you'll probably fail. 

Even if you could say yeah, but Jenna, this happened. Yeah. But I got water up my nose in front of the entire class. Yeah, but I had a professional coach right there telling me how to do it, and I still couldn't do it. As yeah, budding the crap out of myself. And then I tried it and I got it on my first freaking try. And then I tried again and then I tried again and I got about six out of seven of them. 

Perfect roles until I started getting tired and I decided to go in. And you know, what I missed out on, I missed out on two and a half beautiful summer months of not getting better. I have not having fun of not being out there in the sun and cooling off and showing off in front of all the other docs. 

My cool kayak trick. You know what I mean? And like that's, that's fine. It's it doesn't matter, but I just want you to really investigate. Are you not marketing your business or you not growing your business? Are you not posting? Are you not like getting on those sales calls? Are you not launching that new offer? Are you not launching that new product? 

'cause you know, but if, but if, but if, but if, but what bullet book. . 

 But what if it works?  In marketing, you will have more success than 99% of your, I don't like the word competitors, but other people in the space. 

If you approach everything with curiosity, and as if it's an experiment, I learned the experiment outlook from my own business coach and I. I try and take it with me whenever I can. I know our heads, aren't in the game a hundred percent of the time, but you know, I try and keep my head in a game and approach everything like an experiment. 

Because not every post is going to pop off. And if you take that personally, that's going to hurt. You know, nobody benefits from you taking a post, not performing well personally, no one, not you, not your clients, not your followers, nobody, but everybody benefits from you looking at it like an experiment, because then if the post doesn't go well, okay, well, what can I do differently next time? 

Can I add some engagement? Attractors? Can I change? My language was at the time. It was it the writing style? Was it the visual? Like this was an experiment. So let's change one or two factors and try again. 

A lot of people, um, when organic social media is in working, you want to jump to paid ads right away. I know I'm kind of pivoting here, but. When you hire a paid ads manager, you know what they're going to do, they're going to go, okay. Let's do some testing, which is experimenting. Let's post a whole bunch of ads. Let's change. The language has changed. The copy of that changed the visuals. 

And see which ones perform best and then only use the ones that perform best. And in that world, you're doing the exact same thing, but it might feel like a more formal setting and you're paying for those experiments. You're paying every time somebody sees one of those ads, whether they buy or not, you're paying for that experiment when you could be doing it for free with organic social media. 

Except a lot of us, our brains are being jerks and they're making us too afraid and we won't go out there and post because we're worried that one. One post is, is going to flop, or we're worried that someone's going to see it, and they're going to write something negative, or we're worried that we're going to say the wrong thing and we're going to have to apologize for it. You know, all of these worries, whatever they are. 

I would encourage you to ask yourself truly deeply. Why am I not posting more? Truly deeply ask. I actually asked one of our program members.  I gave that to them as their homework one week. Figure out why you're not posting and come back and don't come up with any solutions. Just come back with your reasons because your brain can't think of problems and solutions at the same time. And that's also what gets a lot of us stuck. So tell me all the problems. And they came back and they were like, Jenna, I did it. 

And I think I found out why I'm not posting. And one of the reasons was just like, someone else is always home and I'm embarrassed recording in front of them. And we were like, great, let's start doing your videos outside. It was that simple.  Other times I've asked and people are like, well, you know, my, I get to this point where I go , to post the picture and my phone is too full. And then it takes me forever to find the picture. And then I ran out of memory on my phone. Great. Then pour yourself a glass of camomile tea. Sit down. 

And empty out your phone one day. And that's your marketing time you put in that day? Sometimes they're big, giant reasons and scary reasons that are keeping you from posting and promoting your business. But more often than not, it's a whole bunch of tiny ones and they all have solutions. They just feel super complicated right now because there's so many of them. So just write out your list and then once the list is done, put on your solutions only hat and create a solution for each one of those perceived problems. 

That's holding you back. 

Another thing that comes up a lot is marketing. My business is going to take too much time. Okay. Well, you either spend a little bit of time marketing your business or. You pay someone to do it or you go get another job. Like that might, I'm sorry if that sounds like harsh. But those are your options. And in a lot of cases, paying someone to do it is not the solution either. 

Because you can't outsource your problems. I heard that from a coach once. And I was like, oh, Frank, that the truth. 

I'm actually going to drop an episode. That's five ways to speed up your social media marketing, because like a lot of the time it's not actually taking a long time. It's worrying about it. That is taking up all your time, stressing about it or not having systems in place to speed it up. Like there are systems for all of this, the systems we teach in magic marketing machine speed, all of this up, you know, 

I didn't come out of the womb fast at managing multiple social media presences at the same time. 

And thank God for that. 

I tried things. I created systems. I now teach those systems. We eliminate fluff.  We eliminate the time vampires, if you will, we speed up the things that are working. We get consistent about it. We schedule time to do all these tasks, you know, there's ways around all that. So go write your list. 

Why am I actually not doing the thing I want to do? And maybe it's marketing, but maybe it's like something else. Maybe you want to use this. For like, why am I not redesigning the kitchen the way that I want to. So there's your homework. We all want to listen to a podcast that assigns us homework. No, but seriously, why aren't you doing the thing you want to do, especially if it's your marketing and it's your social media, why aren't you doing it? Be realistic. Let's do  📍 it all the problems. Throw yourself a pity party. If you want to all the  problems and then put on your solutions only hat and come up with a solution for each of them. 

Or Hey, freaking DME. And I will help you do this because when we can take a little bit of an emotion out of it  and we can stop listening to our nasty brain and letting her come up with all these reasons why we're not good enough, then we can really come up with actionable solutions, treat our business like a business and freaking grow. 

I was really on my soap box with you this week. So thanks for hearing me out. And I wish you all the best and all the likes and all the comments and all the sales. And I will see you in the next one.