Shiny New Clients!

Is your money mindset affecting your clients?

October 12, 2023 Jenna Season 1 Episode 24
Shiny New Clients!
Is your money mindset affecting your clients?
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After a fascinating encounter with a shop attendant (ok maybe I'm exaggerating) I reflect on money mindset, and the importance of not applying your OWN money hangups onto your clients.

Chances are, we could all make more money if we had a greater understanding of our beliefs around money!

In this episode I also mention one of my favourite money mindset/business books: Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas. HERE is a link to it!

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Music by Jordan Wood

Hosted by Jenna Warriner, Creator of Magic Marketing Machine

Is your money mindset affecting your clients?

  When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Wayne dryer said that I don't know much about that guy, or you know what, to be honest, I don't know anything about that guy, but I do love that quote. 

  Today let's change the way you look at money or at the very least become aware of the way you look at money. I just started taking beginner watercolor classes. I know I am not an super visually artistic person. I have no painting skills, but a past magic marketing machine member was hosting these virtual painting classes. 

And I was like, Hey, that sounds like a fun way to send Thursday. Afternoon. So my friend and I enjoined, here's why that matters. I had the strangest experience, actually, you know what, not strange, just open and honest, which I think. You're not used to having open and honest interactions with strangers, but. I went to a fancy art supply store. This was not your average Michaels. This was like a professional level artists supply store. And I had no idea what I was looking for. There was a list of supplies that I needed. And I didn't know. What any of them were or where to find them or whatever. So I went up to the person working the till. And it was a young woman. I have no idea how old she was. I'm going to say early, early twenties, like late teens, early twenties. And she was super sweet and she walked me around the store and showed me everything and my options for everything. And I didn't go into this penny pinching at all, because I knew that I was going to be buying some expensive supplies, but it's part of this new, fun thing that I'm doing. It's this Thursday night activity. Like I was aware that I was going to have to drop some coin to get professional quality materials. And I might've made a few mentions of it. Like at one point she showed me something and I said, you know, I can just buy the cheapest version of this. It's not really a big deal. So I don't know that I like embedded in her that I was penny pinching. I just like, don't need a fancy tray. Like I just need a cheap tray for my pain. You know what I mean? Like it's not going to make a huge difference for me because I don't even know what I'm doing.  We spent time walking around the store. Testing pencils and choosing paint, brushes and buying paints. We spent, maybe let's say 10 minutes together. And she helped me choose what I needed. And then we got up to the till and I went to pay and she looked at what I had and she made a face like, oh no, And she said, Hey, like, This is going to be expensive. Are you thinking. Yeah. Okay. Like, you know, I first saw that and also what a strange thing to say, but, you know, she works there. It's not like she's making a percentage of what she sells or anything. She's like, this is going to be expensive. And I was like, yeah, that's okay. You know, I look at it like, Uh, an investment in an activity because sure. This might cost some money, but it's going to give me something to do every Thursday and get to learn a new skill. And she says to me, You know, I'm one of those people that lives paycheck to paycheck. And then I also want to buy stuff because I want stuff. And then I spend money on stuff and then don't have money. So when I see people spending money like this, I'm like, oh, like that's a lot of money. And I was like, oh, okay. You know, interesting. And then she's like offered me a discount. She's like, are you taking a class? I was like, yeah, I'm taking class. She's like, well, what class? And I told her about it. She said, okay, I'm going to say that you're taking a class because if you're taking a class, you get 20% off. 

And I was like, okay, well, thanks. , I'll take the 20% off. Great.  And she rings up the total and it's something around like 180 bucks or something. And she goes, I was buying supplies for me and my friend just, that's why it was so much. And she goes. Oh, I'm sorry. Like I tried, like, it's still a lot of money. And I was standing there, like, you know, I'm I'm privileged. I'm blessed. I have a healthy business. 180 bucks is easy for me. But that's completely relative because 180 bucks, isn't easy for her. Now here's where money mindset comes in. I am her ideal customer in this moment. I am happy to spend $180. I want these supplies. I've found what I need and I'm happy. We didn't need to have any conversation at all about this being expensive. We didn't need to talk about it because I wasn't feeling that. She in this instance, working for the business and by the way, I'm not shading her. I was just fascinated by this interaction. She is working for the business. And she's thinking that the ideal client is the same as her. And we're not. And at this point, I invite you to think about that. Are you your ideal client or are you not? I right now, I am not my ideal client. Like for magic marketing machine. I am not my ideal client. Typically my idol clients in their first five years of their business, they don't know how to market themselves or they are marketing themselves, but they're not making enough sales. So I'm not that person anymore. 

It's okay. If you are, or you aren't your ideal client. It's okay. If you're in the same tax bracket or you aren't as your ideal client, but I want you to be cognizant of putting your own beliefs and worries and fears about money. Onto your idle client, because if this person. Hadn't been thinking about her own money and securities while serving me, she could have upsold me. She could have sold me this store. If she had this moment told me that I needed a easel. To put my art on an, a frame to frame my final project, I would have been like, yeah. Okay. If that's what I need. Okay. Well maybe I wouldn't, I'm not expecting my art to be good enough to frame, honestly, but if she'd have told me that maybe there would have been an opportunity if she'd have told me about another painting class in town that maybe she was hosting or whatever, maybe I wanted to take that. 

Like she could have sold me more and I would've been happy to pay for it. I would've been happy to give the organization more money because we are not. The same person in the same situation, looking for the same thing with the same financial situation. Okay. Again, neither are wrong, but it's so fascinating. Don't you think it's fascinating how the way we look at money can change how much we're making, can change, how we're talking to our clients  and can. Impact. If we are asking for more or less from them. 


If you're into money mindset, like this is obviously not my specialty, but I highly recommend Denise Duffield Thomas his book, get rich, lucky bitch. I've listened to it multiple times. She has a few different books. They're all about money mindset. She explains it as a money mindset for practical Virgos. 

So it's not super, super woo. 

Sometimes when you learn about money mindset, it can be from a very woo very spiritual, energetic place. And sometimes it can lean a little bit more toward practical  📍 application, similar to this example I'm making in today's podcast. So that's it for today. I just wanted to share this really fascinating situation with you in hopes that maybe it opens your awareness to where you are own money, mindset is , possibly getting in your way or possibly serving you. Think about that and I'll see you next week.