Shiny New Clients!

Promote a last minute Black Friday Sale (as a small business)

November 15, 2023 Jenna Warriner Season 1 Episode 29
Shiny New Clients!
Promote a last minute Black Friday Sale (as a small business)
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How often should you post about your sale? Should you run a Black Friday sale? How to push a promotion without coming across as a slimy salesperson - We go there in this episode.

If you're on the fence about running a Black Friday Sale for your small business this episode will also help you make a decision on whether to go for gold, or stay the course and play it slow and steady.

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Music by Jordan Wood

Hosted by Jenna Warriner, Creator of Magic Marketing Machine

So you want to make some black Friday sales. It seems like the perfect opportunity to rake in some coin, but you're super busy  because you spend all your time running a small business alongside trying to have a life. 

and you don't want to be a slimy salesperson So let's talk about what you can do right now to make some money this black Friday without compromising your values. Okay. What goes into it? Let's let's give you a recipe.

Firstly, you want to approach this sale with the end goal in mind, and to you, the end goal might be like super obvious and you're like, oh, Jenna, start with a better tip. But listen, this has to be the beginning of the recipe because every decision you make is going to be cross-referenced with that goal. 

Let me give you an example. One of our magic marketing machine program members, which is my group program to help service-based business owners get clients from Instagram, just ran a black Friday sale and her goal. Was to make some quick money.  She wanted quick money coming into her business, which meant we needed and irresistible offer. 

We need something small and bite size that we know a lot of people want that wouldn't take her very much to deliver that how to high profit margin. Okay. That was her goal. Your goal might be to set up some sort of door crasher offer, so you can get a whole bunch of people into your network and then eventually upsell them. After black Friday into a bigger offer, maybe that's what you're going for. . 

Your goal might be exposure. Maybe you want to use black Friday to get a million eyes on you selling like a micro item, hoping that a whale of a client sees you to buy your highest ticket offer. I don't know but once you know your goal we can craft this promotion around it

Once the chaos of black Friday sets in and the energy of sales coming in and the energy of you creating a whole bunch of content to make your promotion happen.  It is so easy to get knocked off course, to get distracted and then to  make,  spur of the moment decisions, especially since you're a small business owner and you have the ability to make a pivot or a quick decision. It's so easy to do that under the energy of a black Friday sale. 

So if you have your north star, you have your goal there. You can take a moment, look back up at that goal and say, Is this decision I'm making, sending me in the right direction. And if you're trying to do a promo, just for the sake of doing a promo, I also want you to know that you do not have to just because  every big company out there is doing a black Friday sale does not mean that you need to do a black Friday sale. 

 If you've been using the growth nurture, sell strategy, like the one I teach my clients and you've been growing and you've been nurturing and you've been growing and you've been nurturing your followers. There's a high chance that your followers are nurtured enough to pay full price for whatever it is that you offer. 

So try not to do a sale and undercut all that work you've been doing, just because you feel like you're supposed to, you don't need to offer a discount. Oh, there's another goal. Maybe your goal is you just want to become more available to people who can't pay your full price. And so this is your one chance to be a little bit more. 

Accessible for that group of people. 

That would, that's a great goal. That's an admirable goal. If that's what you want to do. Great. Go for it. But you will not catch me doing a black Friday sale for two reasons. One, because. I'm in Canada and it's not as big a thing here, but a lot of my clients are American.  And I don't want people to see that I'm doing a black Friday sale and then not buy with me all year because they're waiting for that sale to happen again, because remember that your sales also teach your audience how to behave. 

 I bought this whitewater rafting, adventure, tourism experience for my husband for Christmas. One black Friday. So we like bought it in. You know, black Friday, November, and it was to go on a whitewater rafting experience, which was so cool in the Ottawa valley in June. And if I was ever going to go to that. Resort again to do that experience. 

You bet your bottom dollar. I would wait and see if they had a black Friday sale. And I bet there are things that you want and you're waiting to see if the company has a black Friday sale. I'm big companies, you know, like apple and Sony or whatever, they can afford that they can do that. But if you've been building up your audience and using a solid social media strategy to nurture them, don't undercut yourself just because you feel like you're supposed to have a promotion. 

. By the way that magic marketing machine member, who I just mentioned who had a black Friday sale, sold it out so quickly. 

She sold that out so quickly. She had to rearrange her schedule and I had to convince her to add more spots because people wanted her offers so bad. Once she started talking about it. .      You're also wondering how often to post about your promo and how to sell without feeling like a Grossy mic grocers, sins, pants.  I said that.  

My sister has a promo for her business right now, and she's still learning how to market it. 

So she calls me and asks me questions and she said, Jenna, I posted last Friday about my offer. And only one person took me up on it. So like, should I post about it again? How often should I post about it? Like, do I repost to that same post promoting it? Firstly. If you only posted once about something and someone bought it, that is a massive win. 

And that is an indicator that you have an awesome offer that people want. And, oh my gosh. Get the word out there about it. People need to hear you talk about something again and again, and again. Plus every post you make, doesn't go out to everyone who follows you. So if that one post converted someone, it is reasonable to assume that if you got more content about this promotion out to more people, more people would buy it. 

And that's not true for every promotion. Because sometimes we accidentally make something that people don't want and that's okay too. And that's a learning lesson too. Anyway. I said, Mallory, that's my sister's name. I said, Mallory. Post about it every day, post about it, constantly post about it more and more and more.  

And then we start getting into a whole bunch of mindset issues. 

Like if I'm posting about this, am I going to annoy my followers? If I'm posting a lot? Is that going to bug people? If you are selling something that people want or need. And then you put it on sale. Your people want that near the people following you. They want to know about that. Okay. Because this is a gift for them. 

You're offering a coupon, you're offering a discount. Even when you talk about something people want or need at full price. That is a gift for them. And that all comes down to mindset. And I know just me saying that once here on the podcast, isn't necessarily going to change your mind, but when you come work with me inside magic marketing machine, we're going to really harp on this because if you don't believe that people want or need what you sell And you're not confident selling it. 

You're going to sell less. So we want to work on that. We want to work on that confidence. We want to work on that mindset and know that you sell something that helps people or gives them some sort of result or changes their life in some sort of positive way. Changes their family or makes them more money or whatever it is. 

So when we can hone in on that and we can focus on that, then you can post promotions with ease because you know that people are going to be excited to read those promotions. And I can't give you like a number. I wish I could give you a number, like post about it six and a half times, and then you'll be a millionaire I can't, but chances are, you can post about it more than you.  Are now. 

We think that. Every post that goes out, everybody is seeing they're not even your biggest fans. Aren't so in order for that person who's sitting there, who's like really excited about your product and wants to buy it in order for them to buy it. They need to see your post say three times. They need to see it multiple times, but they're not seeing everything you post, which means you then need to post nine times for that idle client  to see it three times. 

You know what I'm saying? And again, those are just made up numbers, but when you have something like this, then you want to put butts in seats. You want to  here. Credit cards. Swiping, you need to post about it a lot.  

And all of those things, all of those mindset things I mentioned. That is how you sell without feeling gross. In my program, I teach a lot of feminine sales tactics, not masculine ones, because there are a bunch of like, you know, gross ways to sell. But since you're listening to this, since you were attracted to a podcast called the shiny new clients podcast, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you prefer the feminine sales tactics. And if given the option between masculine or feminine, you'd probably choose the feminine ones. And that's the sales tactics that I prefer. 

So I already know you're not being a Grossy mic grosser since gross pants. When you sell  and chances are you have some mindset hangups. That are making you not like asking people to trade you your service for their money, which is totally understandable. We all have them. We all have them hanging out up there and our brains, and we want to work through them and eliminate them as much as possible because they'll show up in your copywriting. 

They'll show up in your posts. They'll show up in your reels and make your business play small when we're here, because we want to play bake. Right? Okay. So go choose a goal. And start crafting your promo or don't, whatever you  📍 want.   

If you decide to go for the gold, go hard, post a ton about it, hype your offer up, hype it up and believe in it and believe in you. And I hope that you make a bazillion dollars this black Friday, and also have a wonderful long weekend. It's a long weekend down there for this, right. 

Do you guys get Monday off in the U S. Well, I hope you do. If you don't. Play hooky. You're self-employed who's stopping you. Okay. That's all from me by, by.