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Reality Shapers

Michael Edwards

Welcome Reality Shapers,  this is the podcast where manifestation is more than a concept—it's a lived experience. Hosted by Michael Edwards, an intuitive healer, hypnotherapist, and master manifestor, this show dives deep into the art of shaping reality from the inside out.

Join Michael and his visionary guests as they explore the intersections of spirituality, personal development, and authentic power. Through enlightening conversations and practical insights, you'll discover how to strip away unsupportive conditioning and re-awaken the essence of who you truly are. 

Whether you're a creative, leader, entrepreneur, or someone on a journey of self-discovery, Reality Shapers offers stories, insights and inspiration to master your personal frequency and become the conscious creator of your reality. 

Here, we don't view manifestation as a superficial process of "getting stuff," but as an embodied experience born from a deep remembering and aligning with the truth—the essence of who we are as individuals and as a collective whole. When we talk about shaping our reality, we're referring to conscious, heart-centered individuals who are ushering in the new earth template. Together, we co-create a reality of peace, prosperity, and in service to the all.

Tune in, and start shaping your reality today.