Holistic Health Heroes

Ep 1: Food Enemy #1 = Sugar

October 29, 2023 Kery Knutson Season 1 Episode 1
Holistic Health Heroes
Ep 1: Food Enemy #1 = Sugar
Show Notes

In this episode your host recalls some experiences teaching a 5-week Sugar Detox class and goes over 5 main points including exploring some supplements to help you manage sugar cravings. 

1.) Sugar is Addictive - how many lbs of sugar a year do you think the average person consumers (in the US)
 2) Sugar is de-mineralizing -  minerals are in a delicate balance in the body and that's what keeps us healthy. 
3) Hypoglycemia - are you ever hangry? 
4) Who are the Sugar Helpers? 
5)  A self test to conduct to test for allergies and food sensitivities.  
6) Products to consider and be aware of  to help you manage your sugar cravings. 

KetoLiving Sugar Control Capsules


Berberine LipoMicel Matrix 500 mg

Sucontral® D


DManos Powdered Drink - Forgot to mention this one, but I love it for curbing my sweet tooth and bonus: it's great for your immune system!

140-some odd ways sugar is ruining your health, from the author's website.   

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