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Luke Goetting

Welcome to Gen Z @ Work, your gateway to understanding the dynamic world of the Gen Z workforce! ✨

Each episode, communications expert Luke Goetting brings you insightful conversations with Gen Z employees, managers and industry leaders - packed with nuggets of wisdom to help businesses connect meaningfully with the emerging workforce and unlock their immense potential. 🚀

Join Luke as he dives deeper than trending headlines like "Quiet Quitting" and "Great Resignation" to uncover valuable insights and opportunities Gen Z offers the Future of Work. 💡

Get ready to discover actionable strategies to:

  • Build genuine connections across generations, fostering a thriving and inclusive workplace where employees feel seen and valued. 

  • Implement transparent communication that earns trust, sparks collaboration and keeps everyone on the same page. 

  • Leverage effective mentorship programs to cultivate talent, nurture creativity and empower the next generation to shine. ‍‍

  • Harness the power of gamification to boost engagement, motivation and make work feel a little more like a fun side quest. ️

Whether you're a leader navigating a changing landscape or an employee seeking a fulfilling career, Gen Z @ Work has something for you. Stay ahead of the curve, discover innovative solution and build a future where everyone can thrive! ✨

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