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Billion Dollar Brand with Bill Harper & Bryan Elliott

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Let's be perfectly clear: a billion is at least 1,000x better than a million.

This is a marketing and branding podcast for anyone who is trying to build a brand -- especially a billion dollar brand. 

Marketing and advertising industry veterans, Bill Harper (aka BrandBoss) and Bryan Elliott (from the acclaimed Behind the Brand podcast) team up to brainstorm new business ideas, interview business professionals who are building really great companies, analize what's right and wrong with brands, ad campaigns and more so that you can take what you learn here and apply it to your biz.

Also, you asked for it so we deliver:
We are doing deep dives and diagnosis on your branding, campaigns, copyrighting, web design, video production projects and more that YOU are working on!

Want to submit a draft or finished work for us to evaluate and do a free Deep Dive on the show?

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