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Becoming Lit AF

Ann Fancy

You know those deep conversations you have late at night when your guard is down and everyone is just letting the truth spill out? Let's get down and dirty and talk about real life, what it means to awaken, the ugly truth of the challenges we face, and how we navigate them. Let's unravel the conditioning, limiting beliefs, and bullshit that keeps us from creating our most meaningful and wakeful life. Let's delve in deep with others as they walk us through their path, their trials, and tribulations and follow the breadcrumbs that led them to create a meaningful, soulful life. This experience we call life is a winding, bumpy, and sometimes challenging road, especially if you are on the path of becoming more conscious, wakeful, contemplative, and purposeful. I want to talk about it.We will share stories and insights that inspire us all to keep rising up into powerful, purposeful, soulful lives while we navigate the mess, the noise, and the darkness. I hope this podcast can be a voice in the chaos, a reminder that you a powerful being, and that you are NOT alone.There is so much power in truth-telling, and raw conversation and this is the space for just that. It is time to wake up to your divine nature, your dharma, your purpose, and your wholeness of being. Let's get lit together and illuminate the world!

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