For the Record, An AACRAO Podcast

Episode 05: The AACRAO Annual Meeting

March 25, 2019 Doug McKenna / Jim Bouse, Tina Falkner, Louisa Havens-Gerardo Season 1 Episode 5
For the Record, An AACRAO Podcast
Episode 05: The AACRAO Annual Meeting
Show Notes

In this episode of For the Record, we converse with the AACRAO president-elect, past president, and current president to hear their thoughts and reflections on what the AACRAO Annual Meeting has meant to them, what they’ve gained from participating, and words of advice for members who are attending for the first or second time. 



Jim Bouse, AACRAO Past President, Associate Registrar for Technology, University of Oregon

Tina Falkner, AACRAO President, Director of the Office of Student Finance, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Luisa Havens-Gerardo, AACRAO President Elect, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, Virginia Tech 

Key Takeaways

The AACRAO Annual Meeting is a wonderful place to meet colleagues, network, learn about the profession, and pick up best practices to bring back to your institution; if there’s a session you are interested in be sure to get there early; ask questions and don’t be afraid to get involved; AACRAO members want you to succeed, we want you to learn and grow and we want to learn from you. 


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