For the Record, An AACRAO Podcast

Considerations When Closing an Institution

October 29, 2021 Doug McKenna Season 4 Episode 6
For the Record, An AACRAO Podcast
Considerations When Closing an Institution
Show Notes

Increased stressors on institutions of higher education in the United States have resulted in the closing or merging of some those institutions. Even prior to the pandemic, institutions were facing reduced state funding, a challenging recruiting environment, and renewed scrutiny about the value of a post-secondary education. AACRAO has recently published a report (linked below) providing guidance on what to do if your institution is closing or if you are at an institution receiving records from another institution. In this episode we talk about the lived experience of the registrar staff at an institution that is closing, from finding out to locking up the office for the last time.      

Key Takeaways:

  • There are a number of very significant considerations that must be resolved relating to the students’ records when an institution is going to close;
  • Make sure you’re engaging in ongoing best practices with regards to imaging documents and updating student’s degre audits; 
  • The closing of an institution will bring out many different emotions from many different people--remember to take time to be present for yourself and your team.


Ramie Nation, University Registrar

Baker University

References and Additional Information:

InsideHigherEd - Another Small Private College Will Close - November 9, 2017

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AACRAO Report on Closing and Merging Institutions

Core Competencies:

Leadership & Management

Change Management

Professional Proficiencies:

Data Stewardship

Student Records Management