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Rise Resolute Podcast

Gina Meyer, DPT

If you are open to being inspired by gritty women who have pushed through difficulties and finding motivation in the way we are all connected, this podcast is for you. Prepare to be inspired as Gina Meyer, Doctor of Physical Therapy and leader in the health and wellness industry gets up close and personal with athletes who have made it through seemingly insurmountable challenges. Connect to their struggle, find out how they were able to RISE, and apply their lessons to push past even your own expectations for your life. Come RISE with us.

Recent Episodes

Morgan Putbrese: Your why becomes clear when you ask yourself what you can give the world.November 13, 2019 Episode artwork Elizabeth Tretter: Be afraid, but do it anyway; when it comes to achieving your goals, you can and you will.November 06, 2019 Episode artwork Crystal Antila: Shift your mindset and great things will follow.October 31, 2019 Episode artwork Gia Trevisan: Micro goals lead to bigger successes, the best is yet to be.October 14, 2019 Episode artwork Sam Moulding: Everything we need is already inside us.October 12, 2019 Episode artwork Lindsey: Be unafraid to be different because you have more superpowers than you know.October 07, 2019 Episode artwork Hanna Kallmaier: Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.October 01, 2019 Episode artwork Healthy Thrower: Never stop trying; it won't be easy, but it will be worth it.September 19, 2019 Episode artwork Lauren LaRocco: Keep the faith, don't give up, you are stronger than your greatest challenge.September 16, 2019 Episode artwork Kaili Alvarez: We only have today; find the courage to step into your life. September 11, 2019 Episode artwork Karelle Edwards: Using adversity to become a better version of yourself.September 04, 2019 Episode artwork Dani Aravich: Don't be afraid to be different; finding power and beauty in your uniqueness brings dreams within reach.August 22, 2019 Episode artwork Robin Smith: It's not over until it's over; the beauty of a strong support network and never giving up.August 12, 2019 Episode artwork Jackie Reseigne: The only one who can make your life better is you.July 28, 2019 Episode artwork Jordan Gray: Being broken down to almost nothing can result in a re-building that surpasses all expectations.July 11, 2019 Episode artwork Jordan Nicole: Courage, dear heart; don't give up, you're not alone.June 27, 2019 Episode artwork Jenna Minecci: Patience and persistence; control your mind, control your life.June 24, 2019 Episode artwork Elisa Au: No matter how difficult the task, give it your best; you won't regret it.June 18, 2019 Episode artwork Rosanne Carter: Embracing vulnerability, the power of knowledge and what we do with it, and how gratitude can change your world.June 04, 2019 Episode artwork Diana Nyad: Find a way.May 29, 2019 Episode artwork Katie Ledecky: Relentless will propels us towards our goals.April 19, 2019 Episode artwork Lauren Fleshman: Failing doesn't make you a failure.April 10, 2019 Episode artwork Mia Hamm: The team is ultimate champion.April 03, 2019 Episode artwork Wilma Rudolph: The reward is not so great without the struggle.March 26, 2019 Episode artwork Dana Fallin: Dig deep because staying down isn't an option.March 06, 2019 Episode artwork