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Scammers are targeting you and your loved ones. I know all too well. My mother is broke because of a scammer that she believed was her soulmate. The only way we can fight back is to arm ourselves with information. Scammer Warriors unite! These stories are from victims and their families. The details are so shocking that they're hard to believe.

Recent Episodes

FBI agent reveals how the feds handle romance scam investigationsAugust 19, 2019 Episode artwork Love scam expert claims lonely people aren't the only ones at riskAugust 05, 2019 Episode artwork Sex trafficking victim is the target of a prison scamJuly 28, 2019 Episode artwork Romance scam victim loses $1.5 million from a suspected conmanJuly 13, 2019 Episode artwork Relationships and career are nearly impossible for identity theft victim used in catfishing scamsJune 30, 2019 Episode artwork Scam victim loses everything to a man she believes is Dwayne “The Rock” JohnsonJune 13, 2019 Episode artwork Entrepreneur fights scams after being targeted by a scumbagJune 07, 2019 Episode artwork Advocate helps women and men recover from emotional and financial abuse after love scamsMay 25, 2019 Episode artwork Mafia Part 2: College professor believes Russian mafia wife had murder on her mindMay 13, 2019 Episode artwork College professor is married to a suspected scammer with the Russian mafiaMay 05, 2019 Episode artwork Hurricane Katrina survivor forced to claim bankruptcy after a scamApril 20, 2019 Episode artwork Woman recovering from drug addiction is set back by a scammerApril 15, 2019 Episode artwork Mother of three disabled children successfully fights off scammersApril 05, 2019 Episode artwork Multiple scammers claim to be a porn star and a father to steal money from a married motherApril 01, 2019 Episode artwork Scammer takes $200,000 from my sick motherMarch 23, 2019 Episode artwork An advocate and a love scam identity theft victim take their fight to CongressMarch 17, 2019 Episode artwork Mother’s son is killed on his way to meet his scammerMarch 09, 2019 Episode artwork Scammer expert reveals what he's learned after helping victims for yearsMarch 02, 2019 Episode artwork Single mother is out thousands of dollars after thinking she found Mr. RightFebruary 22, 2019 Episode artwork A family wrestles with a father who falls victim to a $200,000 scamFebruary 11, 2019 Episode artwork