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Scammers are targeting you and your loved ones. I know all too well. My mother is broke because of a scammer that she believed was her soulmate. The only way we can fight back is to arm ourselves with information. Scammer Warriors unite! These stories are from victims and their families. The details are so shocking that they're hard to believe.

Recent Episodes

Single man survives a romance scam that started as an online gameAugust 18, 2021 Episode artwork Romance scam victim sends a scumbag TO PRISON!May 27, 2021 Episode artwork FIGHTING BACK: One scam victim hires a detective to track down a scumbag, another plans a documentaryApril 20, 2021 Episode artwork Mother lives to tell about her daughter's kidnapping scamFebruary 24, 2021 Episode artwork Romance scam money mules face jail time as FBI closes in on the crimeDecember 28, 2020 Episode artwork FBI veteran reveals details on the biggest money making scam of all time, odds are you're a targetNovember 23, 2020 Episode artwork Military veteran shares bleak social media vision after scumbags use his photo for romance scamsOctober 01, 2020 Episode artwork Clinical geropsychologists discusses his research on brain function in elderly scam victimsSeptember 06, 2020 Episode artwork Romance victim's daughter goes to great lengths to stop the cycleJuly 30, 2020 Episode artwork FBI veteran reveals how to avoid ATM and gas pump scammersJune 15, 2020 Episode artwork Scam fighter shares what she's learned over the last decadeMay 27, 2020 Episode artwork The "Original Internet Godfather" describes his life of crime and how he turned it all aroundApril 23, 2020 Episode artwork Scam victim escapes from man arrested for forcing women to have sexMarch 28, 2020 Episode artwork Romance scam survivor recovers after losing more than $1 MillionJanuary 24, 2020 Episode artwork SCAM ALERT: A female doctor is duped by a suspected immigration scammerJanuary 07, 2020 Episode artwork Three different types of scams take aim at innocent victimsDecember 26, 2019 Episode artwork SCAM ALERT: Julie started helping victims in all types of scams after she was the victim of a product scam years ago. December 01, 2019 Episode artwork Woman gives up home before figuring out she was the victim of a scamNovember 16, 2019 Episode artwork Nigerian scammer reveals why he admitted the con to his victimNovember 06, 2019 Episode artwork Scam victim contemplates suicide and explains why victims lie to family membersOctober 27, 2019 Episode artwork Love scam victim survives an assault after a trip to another country to meet a manOctober 11, 2019 Episode artwork Woman out $75,000 after dating a man she met onlineSeptember 29, 2019 Episode artwork A woman fighting depression is targeted by a romance scammerSeptember 16, 2019 Episode artwork Scammers touch everything from Instagram to online video gamesSeptember 02, 2019 Episode artwork FBI agent reveals how the feds handle romance scam investigationsAugust 19, 2019 Episode artwork