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Causes Or Cures

Dr. Erin Stair

Causes Or Cures is a grassroots health and wellness podcast hosted by Erin Stair, MD, MPH. She is the founder of, creator of ZENBands and author of the parody, Yours in Wellness, Krystal Heeling, and Manic Kingdom, both available on Amazon for you to read. On this podcast, Erin features experts in their field, doctors, public figures and folks with compelling personal health stories in order to discuss hot topics in public health, medicine, alternative health and overall wellness. She does all the interviews from her NYC apartment via Skype and does her best to make them sound okay. That said, you might hear a city noise here or there and her dog, Barnaby, might bark, but that's just him saying Hi. (It's a very organic podcast.) Erin will discuss controversial and current health topics, public health topics, medication side effects, strange symptoms and exposures, alternative treatment choices, and lifestyle factors as they relate to disease, with the essential question being: Is this a Cause or is this a Cure? To reach Erin:

Recent Episodes

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