Causes or Cures

COVID-19: How Cytokine Storms Can Lead to Strokes, with Doctor Ricardo Jose

July 01, 2020 Dr. Eeks/ Dr. Ricardo Jose Episode 34
Causes or Cures
COVID-19: How Cytokine Storms Can Lead to Strokes, with Doctor Ricardo Jose
Show Notes

There has been a lot of chatter in the news about COVID-19, increased clotting, and the possibility of strokes in old and young people in their thirties and forties. How does this happen? And what can we do about it?

In this episode, Dr. Eeks chats with Dr. Ricardo Jose who has over ninety publications in the area of respiratory (lung) infections and how they affect us systemically. He is a Respiratory Consulting Physician at the Royal Brompton and HareField NHS Hospital in London who has a special interest in how inflammation caused by lung infections relates to coagulation (clotting). He has published several papers on COVID-19, one of the most recent ones being in the Lancet: COVID-19 cytokine storm: the interplay between inflammation and coagulation.

You don't have to be a doctor or have a scientific background to listen to this. In easy-to-understand terms, he will explain what causes the cytokine storm, how that relates to coagulation and clot formation, how doctors are currently addressing it and what we have to worry about. He also covers the latest evidence, including the use of steroids for certain cases, and provides ideas on future approaches. This is a great episode for anyone who wants to learn more about COVID-19 and how it affects the body, as well as anyone concerned that he/she or his/her loved ones might become affected one day.

Please note: This isn't medical advice! This is a conversation with the hopes of shedding more light around the medical side of the pandemic in an easy-to-understand way.

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